Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love my Girls

Finally... The girls are out 
all at the same time!

 This is my Kenmore sewing machine, Kenmore serger
and Centennial Featherweight 221. 

Did you know
Kenmore machines were made by Janome?

Yep! This was something I learned many
years later when researching about quality 
machines having a metal frame. I don't think I
did too bad considering I didn't have any 
help when choosing my machines back in the late 80s.

Yesterday I received my Sew Steady Table and couldn't be happier! 
The fit is nice and snug!

Got my FW oiled and lubed but still having issues 
once she's been threaded. HMM! 

I don't have material so I've decided to purchase charm packs, jelly rolls & layer cakes to get started quilting. Here's a little bit of my loot...

Now to let the fun begin! 
Cheers! ~M

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